Submission Information for 2019

The submission process is now closed for 2019.

The NI Music Prize shortlist for 2019 has been announced. The event, which will take place on November 7th at the Ulster Hall is now in its 7th year and includes four award categories as well as the Oh Yeah Legend Award presentation to and performance from Snow Patrol.

Nominators chosen from sectors including music journalism, radio, podcasts, blogs, festival and event programmers, music retail, promoters, live music venues, as well as key influencers from elsewhere in the arts, were invited to contribute and 80 have now returned their votes for Best Live, Best Single, Best Album and The Oh Yeah Contender Award.

The album winner will be decided by a panel on Nov 7th. All winners will be announced on the night of the awards on November 7th.

In 2018 Oh Yeah introduced a cash prize for winners and is pleased to be able to offer this again for 2019.

The winner of The Oh Yeah Contender Award will receive a cash prize of £1,000 from the Oh Yeah Centre and the BBC is offering an opportunity to perform BBC Introducing Live, including travel and accommodation.

Winners of Best Live and Best Single will be awarded a cash prize of £1,000 and the best album will receive £3,000.


Once all eligible albums/singles have been collated, 100 ‘Nominators’, chosen from sectors including music journalism (print and online), radio broadcasters and shows, podcasts, bloggers, programmers, music retail, promoters, live music venues, as well as key influencers from elsewhere in the arts, will be invited to consider the titles from NI Music Prize eligible albums/singles list and to then nominate five albums and three singles each from the list.

When the full list of nominations are in, they will be presented as the long-list and will be published on the NI Music Prize website a few days ahead of the official shortlist in early September.

The twelve albums and singles with the most nominations from the long-list become the ‘shortlist’.

The ‘Best Single’ shortlist of 12 will then go to public vote where the public can vote for their favourite single via The Thin Air submission form – one vote only per person.

The ‘Album’ shortlist of 12 will be presented to an ‘Academy’ of eleven people and they will decide on the winning album in November.

So there are three lists - the eligible list, the long list and the short list.


Names of Nominators and the Academy will be published in the lead up to the event.

The Prize shortlist is voted on by the nominators and academy based on their own tastes and determinations. They pick their selections based on their individual criteria for best album/single, following the guidelines we have provided them with, noted above. We ask them to rank the albums in order of preference. We invite a broad section of voices and champions of different kinds of music from the list noted above.

The announcements and publications by the NI Music Prize and Oh Yeah Music Centre of the list of artists, which have been shortlisted, and then of winners on the night of the Prize, are final.

The NI Music Prize will take place in the Ulster Hall on November 7th. More info to follow on the Oh Yeah Contender Award and Best Live Act.

The nominators will also be invited to nominate three emerging acts for the Oh Yeah Contender Award and three acts for Best Live Act. There is no submission process for these categories. Once the nominators have submitted their responses for The Oh Yeah Contender and Best Live the highest scoring 25 acts in each category will be announced as the Long List - a shortlist of 5 will then be announced from this long list shortly after.


We realise that this is just under 12 months. This is due to some internal changes to the process and we will not leave any dates unaccounted for, as submissions will return to full 12 months in 2020 when they will run from 15th July 2019 – 14th July 2020.

We hope that through this process we can highlight, promote and champion as much great music from NI as possible that has been released in the qualifying period regardless of the final outcome. We will endeavour to share this list of eligible, long-list and shortlisted acts with music fans and beyond, on the Oh Yeah website and social media, and via the NI Music Prize website.

The NI Music Prize is coordinated by the Oh Yeah Music Centre. Neither staff nor board take part in the nomination process.

Any queries, please e-mail