Winner – Robyn G Shiels 

Album - The Blood of The Innocents


Twelve albums were shortlisted for the Northern Ireland Music Prize 2014.  The winner was announced at a special awards night at the Mandela Hall  on November 15th which featured live music from Sullivan and Gold, Robyn G Shiels and More than Conquerors. More than 70 people were contacted from the NI music industry and music media. This resulted in the shortlist below. The winner in 2014 was Robyn G Shiels and The Blood of The Innocents.





Aaron Shanley - Bedroom Tapes

Alana Henderson - Windfall

Allez Bartoli - Dola

Brian Kennedy - A Love Letter to Joni

Building Pictures - West Orchard

Captain Kennedy - Draw It In Chalk

Cara Dillon - A Thousand Hearts

Comply or Die - Northless

Ed Zealous  - Wired

Furlo - Now Is Always

Geoff Hatt - It’s All Going On

Isobel Anderson - In My Garden

Kaz Hawkins - Get Ready

Linebacker Dirge - Take Shelter

Linley Hamilton - In Transition

Little Matador - Little Matador

Malibu Shark Attack - Malibu Shark Attack

Michael McCague - The Waylaid Man

Mojo Fury  - The Difference Between

More Than Conquerors - Everything I’ve Learnt

NASA Assassin - Area 69

Nomadic Rituals  - Holy Giants

Oaks  - Safe Haven

Petomane - The Rock Machine Turns You On

Rams’ Pocket Radio - Béton

Robyn G Shiels  - The Blood of the Innocents

Ruairi and the Owls - Midnight Oil

Rupture Dogs - Feral

Sal Hanvey - Nostalgia Queen

Slomatics - Estron

Sons of Caliber - Albatross

Stiff Little Fingers - Not Going Back

Stormzone - Three Kings

Sullivan and Gold - For Foes

The Holy Innocents - Letter To Lone Ridge

The Rapparees - Re:session

The White Mansions - The Crossing

VerseChorusVerse - VerseChorusVerse

We Are Aerials - Voeckler

Wonder Villains - Rocky

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